The Facebook Fast


For Lent, I decided to go without Facebook.

I don’t think I’m an addict, but I definitely spend a fair bit of time on that social network. In the spirit of sacrifice and self-denial, I thought, why not give up Facebook for a while?

Stopping Facebook use was easy.

I deleted the Facebook app from my mobile devices. I logged out of Facebook from all browsers, and I removed Facebook from my start pages list.

At first, I thought, that was that.

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We Are Media Project

We Are Media Project

Came across the We Are Media Project, a wiki aimed at “build[ing] a toolkit and instructional guides about how social media strategies and tools can enable nonprofit organizations to create, compile, and distribute their stories and change the world”.

It’s in the process of being built, but it already looks promising. The first module compiles some very nice resources for a range of non-profit groups, including social media in education. A good starting point for most people.

Via George Siemens.