The honk

On Saturday morning, I headed out on a solo bike ride. I took the route to Changi, which I had not done in a while.

The ride overlaps several bus service routes. Cycling on weekend mornings mean that I often play a game of leapfrog with a few buses along the way.

This particular morning, it was a 53 going from Bishan to Changi Airport.

Along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, we played out the leapfrog. Bus stopped at the bus stop for passengers, I went past. The bus eventually overtook me. But at the next bus stop, I went past the stationary bus again.

Sometimes, I reach the bus as it is about to pull out of the bus bay. At this time of day, bus drivers usually let cyclists through. Always good to give friendly wave to the bus driver!

This happened on Saturday, so I waved and he waved back. The bus driver seemed to be a young, cheery fellow.

Our routes diverged at some point. I continued on Boundary Road, left to Upper Serangoon Road, then right to Tampines Road.

I stopped at a red on Tampines Road. There was a vehicle ahead of me, so I couldn’t get close to the traffic island. I kept to the left rear of the vehicle in front. I heard a vehicle coming to a stop behind me.


I turned around, expecting to see an irate bicycle-hating motorist, gesticulating at…

Instead, a wave, a smile, pedalling motion and a thumbs up.

It was the 53 driver I had been leapfrogging earlier. Our routes had converged.

A great way to start the day!

A video posted by Kenneth Pinto (@acroamatic) on Sep 5, 2016 at 6:24pm PDT