Emma’s 1st Orbit


My favourite photo of the past year

You have made it around the sun for the first time!

It was only a year ago, on a Saturday morning, that you were born.

I thought that I’ll blog lots about you and being a father.

I was wrong.

How do blogging mums and dads do it?

Between the feeding, diapering, bathing, washing, putting to sleep and later the playing, entertaining and assisted walking, I had rarely had time and energy to write.

And you’re an easy baby.

Your mum and I are thankful.

You didn’t need to be in the NICU when you first came out. The only thing was that you were small – the consequence of being a month early.

Once you were home, you slept well. Even though there was so much noise from the demolition of the Sky Habitat showflats (why it took more than a month to demolish and clear, I do not know) as well as some pipe replacements works to our flat and other flats nearby, you slept… well… like a baby.

You fed like a Pinto too. That continues ’til today, you rarely reject food and you almost always finish your food.

I suppose it helps that your grandma makes good stuff for you.

Your meal times are very regular too. Ever since you started sleeping through the night at three months…

Yes, you slept through the night at three months.

You used to feed every three hours or so. So, that was at least one late night/early morning feed.

We’d wait for you to get hungry before feeding you. A few nights in a row, you stretched your sleep from 3 hours to 4 hours to 5 hours.

One day, I asked your mum what time you woke up for your night feed. She said you slept through the night!

This blissful period lasted from 3 months to 6 months.

Then you learned how to flip.

From then, you’d wake up at least once every night, and this continued even after you learned how to flip back.

Still, you seem to be readjusting to sleeping through the night. All in all, despite the occasional aberration, we manage to get our sleep too.

One of my main jobs is to bathe you. Your mum was quite hesitant to bathe you when you were very little. So, I was left to do this.

Bathing you is quite painless – you like the water! You don’t even mind water running down your face. I know I hated it when I was young.

One of the best parts of waking up and bathing you in the morning was that for a short period, you woke up each morning with a smile!

It was lovely, and I cherished each wake-up smile because I knew it wouldn’t last.

I was right.

It was good while it lasted.

You developed fussy habits, but you outgrow them just as easily.

At one point, no one other than mummy could hold you after 8 p.m. You grew out of that.

At one point, you peed every time I removed your diaper. You grew out of that.

You kicked up a fuss when bathing at your grandparents’ house. You grew out of that too.

As with any baby, you went through your milestones – smiling, rolling, sitting, crawling, babbling, standing supported…

You seem to be taking your time with walking though. That’s ok.

One of your first words was “Up”. You can approximate “mama” and “papa”. You can also hum “twinkle” as in Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star… complete with hand actions. Your other word, if you can call it that, is “uh-oh”. (No, she doesn’t watch Teletubbies or any tv, for that matter. She has also been kept away from mobile devices.)

You know to wave goodbye.

Speaking of which, another “easy baby” thing – you adapted very well to mummy going back to work after her maternity leave. We eased you in to spending time at your grandparents’, and when the time came, you took to it without fuss.

I am still totally amazed by this.

All this said, you are quite manja. You prefer mummy for most things (except bathing), and you love grandpa a lot too.

I’m third or fourth in the pecking order, but that’s ok. 🙂

I hope that you can wear your helmet soon, so that I can bring you out on the bike. Your baby bike seat needs to be used more frequently.

Once you can walk, I hope to put you on a balance/running bike so that you’ll pick up cycling.

But for now, I’m happy that you are here with us. You are the greatest gift we have received.

Keep on growing, my dear little girl – to many more orbits around the sun.