March Mania


I had was supposed to have a sports event every weekend of March:

  • Sun 1 March – Men’s Health Urbanathlon
    Kallang Practice Track. Running + obstacles, 14 km.
    Completed: 2h 45m 58s (nett time). Runkeeper.
  • Sun 8 March – NTU Bike Rally
    F1 Pit Building. Cycling, 168 km.
    DNF: Stopped at 119 km, 5h 46m 42s (time on the move). Runkeeper.
  • Sun 15 March – Metasprint Duathlon
    F1 Pit Building. Running + Cycling + Running, 3 km + 20 km + 3 km.
    Completed: 1h 34m 19.17s. Run 1 – 17m 17s, Cycle – 50m 56s, Run 2 – 21m 59s. Runkeeper.
  • Sat 21 March – (Re)Cycle 350
    Sports Hub. Cycling, 16 km.
    DNS – I was ill.
  • Sat 29 March – 2XU Compression Run
    F1 Pit Building. Running, 21 km.
    Postponed due to LKY’s Funeral.


This was my first time participating. I didn’t know what to expect. Overall, the obstacles were doable. I heard lots of chatter that the organisers made things easier this year, compared to 2014. Well, I’m glad they did! The final “surprise” obstacle proved to be slightly unsafe. The drop from height must have caused a few injuries. They doubled up on the safety matress just before I reached it. Thank goodness they did!

NTU Bike Rally

This year’s edition consisted of two distances – 88 km and 168 km. I opted for 168 km. Siva, Say Lin, Aaron and Edward were with me at various points throughout the ride. It was a hot, hot, hot day. Sad to say, none of us completed 168 km! Siva’s shoulder hurt too much. Say Lin was spent. They stopped at Woodlands Waterfront. Aaron ended up on the 88 km route! After all the hard bits, my foldie gave out after Punggol Waterfront. The handlebar came loose, and there was no way to remedy on the spot. Brother-in-law Edward continued on but not for long. He stopped just before the Pasir Ris Drive 3 slope leading to Loyang Avenue. I was very disappointed. My small consolation is that I did not stop while cycling up Nanyang Avenue. 🙂


Another first for me. Run 3 km, bike 20 km, run 3 km. My foldie was at the shop, so I used my MTB. I was slow in the first run, couldn’t keep up with the road and tri-bikes during the bike phase and I was even slower in the second run. It was interesting, but man was I tired the rest of the day. I might do it again though.

Lack of photos

I don’t have a lot of photos from the three events.

Anticipating a surprise water obstacle, my phone was wrapped in a ziplock bag for the Urbanathlon. It was quite inconvenient to take photos. After the race, I realised that I had plenty of time to take photos – lots waiting time before the obstacles!

Bike Rally photos are here. It was a hard slog on a hot day. Photos were not foremost on my mind.

The Duathlon was the most “race” event I’ve taken part in. No time to get distracted. I did snap one or two pics while on a straight with my bike.