Saint Anthony’s Boys School, 6B (a.m.) 1989


Time to reminisce.

Tomorrow, I will be attending Cakap Heritage: Schooldays in Bras Basah, an event organised by the Singapore Heritage Society. More immediately, I’ll meet classmates and teachers from St. Anthony’s tonight, some of whom I’ve not met since leaving primary school.

My classmates’ private Facebook page has been inundated with memories of school days. I took the opportunity to go through some old blog posts and photos.

I’ve added the links here more for my reference, but you are more than welcome to read them. They are listed in chronological order.

Miss Tan, Teacher Extraordinaire
My Primary 5 and 6 form teacher is one of the most influential people in my life. I think she touched the lives of everyone she taught. Sadly, she passed away more than ten years ago. This post is about my reaction to finding out about her passing and my memories of her.

Visit to old St Anthony’s
In an ever-changing landscape, it is a minor miracle that the decrepit old school building at Victoria Street still stands. I would have thought they would have razed it to the ground and made more profitable use of the space. This Flickr set contains photos of the building, which was then an adult education school. I am thankful to the people who ran the place for allowing me in to take the photos.

Heritage Tree Nomination
The cutting down of the Braddell Road Angsana prompted me to try and protect the Angsana at old St. Anthony’s Boys’ School. I nominated the tree as a Heritage Tree.

Primary School at Victoria Street
My classmate, Edwin Kheng, prompted this post. It’s just a short one, brought about by old photos. We didn’t seem to have many photos of our primary school days.

Heritage Tree Nomination Update
The previous post reminded me to check on the Heritage Tree Nomination. Sadly, it was not to be.

School Annual
Another post prompted by Edwin. He passed his school annual to me for scanning. It took me the duration of a primary school education – six years – to get that done. I am returning the school annual at the gathering tonight.

P.S. Photo above was our Primary 3 class photo.