The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Not the best TED presentation I’ve seen, but a very important one.

Reminder to self: think twice about that disposable plastic bottle.


3 thoughts on “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

  1. i had a huge dilemma when travelling in morocco. the water would cause problems with my tummy, hence buying bottled water would prevent any gastro issues. thing is that they do not have recycling facilities, and tourists consume so much bottled water per day, not just for quenching thirst, but also washing hands + brushing teeth for the paraniod ones.

    once you get out of the big cities, you see plastic bottles strewn EVERYWHERE. actually, casablanca has so much rubbish around it was sad. truly a sorry sight and enough for me to use water purification tablets instead. (i did eventually get tummy upsets bah!)

    anyhow, another great video about how our products are manufactured, environmental and social issues that arise with it and where they go after planned obselence

  2. oh yes, some moroccans reuse the plastic bottles by cleaning them up, and then filling the bottles with orange juice. it gets sold by the glass on the streets.

    if i’m not wrong, most plastics are by products of crude oil refinery. so all the better we reduce our dependence on them 🙂

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